'Zippity Zoom River Run' is an log flume at Ryan Bannon Studios Park Florida's Lands of Fun & Ryan Bannon Studios Park California's MagicWorld. It opened in 1991 in California & 1995 in Florida. It opened in Japan 3 years after the Florida version opened. It is based on the "Animal's Life" movie.


You must enter through an gold mine to acess the ride. The line goes on for 16 minutes until you go into an barn to the logs.


The vehicles enter the mountain to an hill to Tommy's house. You see him packing to find his new home, after his old home breaks. You then enter a drop not so high only to roam through the woods. When you enter through the indoor section, you are still outdoors. You then hear the main music & go indoors. You then enter an higher drop, but not higher than the giant drop in front of the ride. Then you can hear laughter in the distance, & Tom Wolf & Fox come to stop it. Then, the video plays. As you lead a turtle & bear to the mines, Tommy is locked in a room full of bats.

You then enter a giant hill full of a dragon & bats who haunt you when the log is going up. Then, a vortex takes over the drop, & the riders see Tommy jumping into it. Then, the riders go down the hill & down into Prickleplant Forest. When the riders finally fall, the bushes fall down to the ground & a wave heads toward guests nearby.

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