Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter Funding Credits.

Series 1 (2003-2004)[edit | edit source]

Graystripe: This program is made possible by.

Fireheart: The National Science Foundation.

Bluestar: The US Department of Education.

Tigerclaw: The Corpartion for Public Broadcasting.

Spottedleaf: And by your local dentist for Twolegs...I mean Kids.

All: And by Viewers Like You.

Graystripe: *Whispers* Thank you.

Series 2 (2005-2006)[edit | edit source]

Man: Warriors is made possible by.

Girl: Everybody loves Macaroni and Cheese, And Kraft loves kids. Kraft Mac and Cheese is a proud sponser of Warriors on PBS Kids GO.

Crowfeather: *In a Hotel room on the bed* Holiday Inn Hotels is a proud supporter of Warriors. A place where Twolegs get great deals for the rooms they get. Like swimming pools, diners and more. Holiday Inn, Let's Have Fun. This program is also made possible by.

Woman: At Intel, We make computers more powerful and have great entertanment for games, videos, pictures and lots of fun. Intel, What are you looking at? *Intel Jingle*

Firestar: And by the US Department of Health and Education, Corparation for Public Broadcasting, And by Viewers Like You.

Thunderclan Members: Thanks.

Graystripe: Let's Go.

Series 3 (2007-2009)[edit | edit source]

Hollyleaf: Warriors: Power of Three is made possible in part by.

Girl: Do you like Mac and cheese? Well, They do. Everybody loves Macaroni and Cheese, And Kraft loves kids. It's the perfect lunch break or snack, Because Kraft Mac and Cheese is a proud sponser of Warriors on PBS Kids GO. Yummy.

Jayfeather: *At the dentist* We love our teeth, And so do you. This and your dentist is a sponcer for Warriors and other fine programs on PBS.

Lionheart: And by, Johnson and Johnson.

Firestar: US Department of Education.

Leafpool: US Department of Health.

Millie: The Ford Foundtion.

Whitewing: US Department of Energy.

Graystripe: The Corparation for Public Broadcasting.

Squirrelflight: And, Viewers Like You. Thank You.

Series 4 (2009-2012)[edit | edit source]

Dovewing: Warriors is made in part by...US Department of Education.

Woman: At Johnson & Johnson, We bring you health prodects include shampoo, washcloths, band-aids and other stuff. Johnson and Johnson, The Health World.

Ivypool: Explore new worlds and new ideas though programs like this, Making it avaible though contributions to your PBS Station from Viewers Like You, Thank You.

Series 5 (2013-present)[edit | edit source]

Firestar: Dawn of The Clans is brought to you by.

Woman: At Target, You find things that are fun for all of us. You get clothes, toys, videos, food and others at your Target store.

Bumblestripe: This program is also made possible by, National Science Foundation.

Blossonfall: US Department of Education.

Millie: Corparation for Public Broadcasting.

Briarlight: And by contributions to your PBS station from Viewers Like You, Thank You. Meow.

Graystripe: The Irene Diamond Fund.

Jayfeather: And the Ford Foundation.

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