Time Warner Cable Kids Wiki
  • Brent Hirose as Noonbory, the white leader and common sense of his Super 7 pack
  • Jacqui Fox as Lunabory, the sight of the Super 7
  • Trevor Toffan as Pongdybory, the smell of the Super 7
  • Markian Tarasiuk as Totobory, the taste of the Super 7
  • Margaux Miller as Jetybory, the hearing of the Super 7
  • Jade Repeta as Cozybory, the touch of the Super 7
  • Reegan McCheyne as Lukybory, the yellow nonsense of the Super 7 pack who wears a crown
  • Kevin Aichele as Wangury, an evil toad disguised as a pirate captain
  • Cory Wojcik as Taegury, one of Wangury's minions who resembles a frog
  • Rod Beilfuss as Mungury, another of Wangury's minions who resembles a frog
  • Davide Montebruno as Hanubi, Noonbory's grandpa
  • Rod Beilfuss as Coldygury, the abominable snowman
  • Nolan Balzer, Kevin Aichele and Steed Crandell as Builderborys
  • Melanie Dahling as Rosygury, a playful red rose who takes the shape of a little girl
  • Kevin Aichele as Dozegury, the dragon