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Viacom, short for Video and Audio Communications, is an American television production company that was originally founded in 1971 in New York City. In late 2005, Viacom was purchased by CBS along with Paramount, resulting in a new company with the name "Viacom" being formed.

Logo history

Viacom is known for its logos at the end of their productions. They have used a number of logos in their history.

First logo (1971-1976)

The 1971-1976 Viacom logo.

The firsy Viacom logo was from from 1971 to 1976. Its nickname is "Pinball". The background audio in this logo is a pinball machine with a synthesizer note at the end. The three syllabes of "Viacom" come together in sync with the pinball noises, and at the same time the solid background color changes. After that, the word "Viacom" zooms out to reveal the statement "A Viacom Presentation".

Second logo (1976-1983)

The 1976-1983 Viacom logo.

The second Viacom logo was used from 1976 to 1983. Its nickname is "The V of Doom". This logo consists of a large "V" with a curving line running through it, and the words "A Viacom Presentation" below it, and they zoom in as the background audio plays. The original background audio for this Viacom logo was the same as the first logo (Pinball), but it 1977 it was replaced by a five-note synthesizer piece accompanied by a timpani drum. The background is a greenish-blue color.