Time Warner Cable Kids recipes can be found on the website's "recipes" section.

From Character:


  • Crunchy Carrot Salad: carrots, vinegar, apples & honey mixed to make salad.
  • Rexy the Dinosaur Fruit Snacks: red fruit color, dough, & yogurt to make fruit snacks.
  • Rosie's Revenge Movie Popcorn: popcorn to eat while watching the new Rosie's Revenge movie. This recipe is also used for any other movie.
  • Caillou's Mashed Potato Soup: mashed potatoes, noodles, syrup, eggs & toast.


  • Arthur's Best Friends Milkshake: milk, tutti fruitti pudding, green food coloring & hot boiled eggs to use for friends.
  • Buster's Fruit Salad: apples, potatos, & grapes.


  • Albert's Worldwide Cake: chocalate frosting, eggs, blue food coloring & syrup for everyone worldwide.
  • Frances's Super Flower Fruit Cookie: eggs, chocolate chips, apples, bananas, grapes, pears & oranges.

Care Bears:

  • Care Bear Smoothies: food coloring, tye dye, & eggs; for example, a Cheer Bear smoothie can do.
  • Care Bear Cake: eggs, food coloring, tye dye, frosting & chocolate. Make these: (red for Love-a-lot, pink for Cheer Bear.)
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