Note: The end version has the selfie and Connie/Greg/Lion arrival and starts when the funding begins.

Steven: Before the show, we get a selfie, right? Garnet: Okay. All: Smile! (Camera snaps before Connie, Lion and Greg arrive) Connie: Hello. Greg: Hey, kiddo, it's showtime. Steven: Your concert? Greg: No, an episode. Let's make a funding. You start. Steven: Funding for Steven Universe is provided by... (imitates drumroll as Pearl shows us a bag of food from a restaurant.) Pearl: Burger King. Steven: Have it your way. Amethyst: The world's famous whopper, yo! Connie: (Lifts a book to the viewers) And by H2O: Just Add Water. Watch it on... What network is it? Steven: (whispering) Nickelodeon. Connie: Thank you. Nickelodeon! Pearl: Really? Connie: I sneak above Cleo and Lewis's shippings. Greg: And by... Lion: (roars softly as he holds a ticket to Guitar Center) Steven: He said "Guitar Center." Garnet: Also by Red Lobster. All: Lobsters? Garnet: Yeah. (Connie grabs out a food bag.) Steven: Additional funding was made possible by... Connie: McDonald's. I'm loving it. All: We're loving it too. Steven: Not you, it's a slogan. By LG phones, Petco... Disney Pixar Coco..... Uh... Wendy's... And uh, uh... Kmart... Uhhhh.... Connie: SPARKLE EXPLOSION! (Boom) (Sparkles spelling out "Viewers like You") All: And by Cartoon Network viewers like you! Thank you! Steven: TY, fam!

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