Kids areas are found at my parks since 1995.

Arthur's Elwood City:

Opened at California in 1998. The park's largest section. The rides include:

The Airtime at Buster's Plane School-a roller coaster themed to Arthur's best friend, Buster Baxter. The ride, along with the area, opened February 5, 1998. It was located at Grandpa Dave's County Farm, which the barn was ingrated into. It opened in Hong Kong in 2007. The ride's line was settled in 1999.

Arthur's House-a walk-through through Arthur's house. When this opened in 1998 with Elwood City, the Skyway (closed October 4, 1998) was in the way. So, when the park's section reopened in 2003, the house opened the same name it got in 1998. It opened in 2007 in Hong Kong.

Elwood City Church-Opened 2007 in Hong Kong. The area has FastPasses for Biscuit's Great Adventure, & some ways to walk to Grandpa Dave's County Farm. It reopened in 2010.


Opened 2000. Based on the Puppy Sam books. Rides are:

Tiger's Skates-a roller coaster for 2 years old kids. Opened 2000.

Biscuit's Garden:

Opened 2011 to promote the new queue. Rides were:

Biscuit's Dogline Express: An roller coaster by Zierer. Opened in 2010.

Biscuit's Great Adventure: An dark ride in the area. Opened in 1999.

Bat Flyer: An roller coaster that flies around Fantasyworld. Opened in 2012.

Biscuit Cinema:

Opened in 2001, then again in 2012 in Paris. The rides are:

Biscuit's Great Race: An Vekoma kiddie coaster which soars around the theater. Opened in 2001.

Sammy's Super Slide: An water slide that goes 54 MPH around a tube. Opened in 2001.