Ready to Learn Television Cooperative Agreement (2004-2009) Season 1 Only

No Child Left Behind Grant (2004-2009) Season 1 Only

U.S. Department of Education (2004-2009) Season 1 Only

The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations (2006-2009)

The Gill Foundation (2006-2008)

The Annenburg Foundation (2006-2008)

The Small Change Foundation (2006-2008)

Community Technology Foundation of California (2006-2008)

The California Endownment (2006-2008)

The Gordon and Llura Gund Foundation (2006-2008)

David Bohnett Foundation (2006-2008)

Agnes Gund and Daniel Shapiro (2006-2008)

Contributions to your PBS Station from Viewers Like You (2006-2009)

The Longview Foundation and the Mannion Family (2008-2009)

National Endownment for the Humanities (2011)

The Weezie Foundation (2011)

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