Magic Motion Boohbahs are 5 spinning top-style toys made by Hasbro in 2004. The set includes Humbah (yellow), Zumbah (purple), Zing Zing Zingbah (orange), Jumbah (blue), Jingbah (pink) & a launcher shaped to spin the Boohbahs around & launch them out of their holders. The Boohbahs scatter everywhere as they spin up to 99 miles per hour. As Jumbah spins, he goes 48 miles per hour. As Zing Zing Zingbah spins, he goes 58 miles per hour. As Jingbah spins, she goes 85 miles per hour. As Zumbah spins, she goes 69 miles per hour. As Humbah spins, he goes 85 miles per hour. The Boohbahs bump into walls as they spin around for 57 miles. They can stop & fly back to the holders after the wild ride ends. The Boohbahs spin into stores or to your home, also. They, expect the launchers can spin around to cut paper.

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