Mr. Kenny's 'nuclear bomb' is an sinister object always used to destroy something. It only appeared in Biscuit the Little Yellow Puppy as an weapon.

Biscuit the Little Yellow Puppy:

In the 2011 film, the bomb is put on B-Toner after an lie by him & an serious injury (only the runners in field day). It has been used to make Staten Island explode. In the first chase, focusing on the evil team, it did count down, but B-Toner stopped it from counting down. In the second chase, focusing on the object you are viewing right now, B-Toner has to use his rockets to escape from the bomb & Biscuit & the rest give chase. The bomb finally explodes, but only Sammy's house is destroyed.


In many B-Toner toys from the movie, the bomb is one side of his back. The bomb sometimes is an weapon & does not count down.

In the Bombard B-Toner, it is one of the weapons that is evil. He often escaped from it when you put it on him. The WTf word is one of the words it says prior to exploding.

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