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This is a list of users on the website GoAnimate who specialize in making grounded videos and reaction videos. They are grouped here by what kind of user they are: good, bad or neutral.

Good users or "protagonists"[]

  • adamkleinschmidt2003
  • angrywalkthroughs
  • AntiTrooperGirl
  • Baxter
  • caroline0204
  • Coulden Pettit
  • DavidTheAnimationGuy aka DavidsAnimation
  • louielouie95
  • Kristin Konkle aka RocketPowerGal24
  • Slippy V
  • stevecomedian
  • TacoComedian
  • Tony Epic aka larry boy

Bad users or "antagonists"[]

  • Bobbyispoopy
  • Fundir Broe UTTP
  • TrainCubed
  • Babyshows Rocks
  • Luke Gartrell
  • Calum1998
  • dora rocks aka DoraTheExplorerRules
  • likeplaneboy
  • Memy9909 aka MemyComedian
  • Warren Cook aka TheCookWarren, thewarren1995, MrWarren95, AnastasiaDisney, SeaDisney1998, etc.

Neutral users[]

  • Alex Parrish
  • Charlie Kowalski
  • QPComedian3 aka NapeComedian
  • TheColossalD