(kirby walks in green greens, "cookie country 1" plays)

(kirby stops, making a surprised face)

(giant purple blob appears, transforms, "moonstruck blossom (cinematic remix) (intro)" plays)

(the penultimate boss of the game (Phase 1) appears, "impact sound effect"),

(kirby makes a idea face, runs to the shinning star)

(kirby rides on the shinning star all the way up to Kirby Clash Kingdom, "shinning star")

(music stops, penultimate boss of the game (Phase 1) crushes the whole kingdom to pieces)

(kirby on the shinning star rides down, down, down, way-way-way down to the end of the world)

introducing  ("moonstruck blossom (cinematic remix)" plays)

the newest game in the franchise

for nintendo switch




coming soon in theaters this Valentine's Day

JUST KIDDING!!! ( "Impact sound effect" )

(shows many scenes from the game) ( "penultimate boss phase 2 theme(cinematic remix)" plays)

Kirby Soul Stars

(nintendo switch logo)

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