• Barney
  • Baby Bop
  • Scott
  • Beth
  • Whitney
  • David
  • Michael
  • Tina
  • Min
  • Luci


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Beth's Sad Song
  3. Our Friend Barney Has A Face
  4. The Clapping Song
  5. The Exercise Song
  6. Move Your Body
  7. Shape Up Freeze
  8. Shape Up Freeze (Reprise)
  9. Animals in Motion
  10. I Love You


  • This marks the first appearances of Beth, the wheelchaired David, Whitney and Scott.
  • None of these kids (Scott, Beth, Whitney and wheelchair David) also appeared in the next episode Eating_Right_with_Barney_(Eat,_Drink_and_Be_Healthy!) and the previous episode Family_is_Love_(My_Family%27s_Just_Right_for_Me).
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