Frances Wears New Shoes is a Frances Episode for Season 7.


Frances and her Mom Went to a Shoe Store to Buy her New Shoes and She Can't Fit Them on her Feet.


  • Frances
  • Gloria
  • Mom
  • Mr. Shoes Man

Song List:Edit

  1. Frances Theme Song
  2. I Like My Shoes
  3. The Shoe Song
  4. Dancing Shoes
  5. What Can I Do
  6. That's What is Mean to Be a Friend


  • The Only Time Frances Wears Shoes in the Six Barney Episodes and Videos. The First was The Backyard Show, the Second was I Can Do That!, the Third was If a Shoe Fits..., the Fourth was Barney's Talent Show, the Fifth was On Again, Off Again and the Sixth was The Best of Barney on DVD.
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