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Frances Loves to Play Pretend is a Frances Episode for Season 9.


Frances and her friends are playing pretend to go places and be other people. Frances and Albert are pretending to swim like fish under the deep blue sea, being cowboys and cowgirls, fly in an airplane or save Princess Gloria in the make-believe jungle.

Educational Theme: Pretending


  • Frances
  • Gloria (cameo)
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Albert
  • Grandma Badger
  • Grandpa Badger
  • Aunt Melta Badger
  • Uncle Roger Badger
  • Baxter the Dog


  1. Frances Theme Song
  2. Let's Pretend
  3. Imagine That!
  4. Swimming Under the Deep Blue Sea
  5. Home on the Range
  6. Up, Up & Away!
  7. What Can I Do
  8. Deep in the Jungle
  9. Imagine That! (reprise)

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