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Frances's Sports Game is a Frances DVD upcoming March 6, 2012.


Ready, set, play! It's time to play games and sports with everybody's favorite badger Frances to play sorts of games like baseball, soccer, basketball and more! So let the games begin!


  • Albert's Good Sport
  • Frances Plays Baseball
  • Frances's Basketball Team
  • Frances and the Soccer Game
  • Frances's Gym Day
  • Exercise for Frances


Albert's Good Sport[]

  1. Frances Theme Song
  2. Games
  3. What a Baseball Day!
  4. Throw Baskets
  5. Bowling, Bowling
  6. T-E-A-M
  7. What Can I Do
  8. Let's Play Games!

Frances Plays Baseball[]

  1. Gonna Play Baseball
  2. Batter Up
  3. Playing for a Team
  4. That's What it Means to Be a Friend
  5. What a Baseball Day!

Frances's Basketball Team[]

  1. The Basketball Song
  2. Bouncing a Ball
  3. Throw a Basket
  4. What Can I Do
  5. Basketball Medley (Practice Makes Perfect / You Can Do It)
  6. The Basketball Song (reprise)

Frances and the Soccer Game[]

  1. The Soccer Song
  2. Kick Ball
  3. Practice Makes Perfect
  4. What Can I Do
  5. The Soccer Song (reprise)

Frances's Gym Day[]

  1. It's Gym Day
  2. Let's Play Games!
  3. Move Your Body
  4. Basketball Song
  5. The Soccer Song
  6. Yummy! Yummy!
  7. Jumping Song
  8. We Did It! We Did It!

Exercise for Frances[]

  1. Let's Do Some Exercise
  2. Boogie Woogie Frances
  3. Getting Strong
  4. Rig, a, Jig, Jig
  5. Yummy! Yummy!
  6. Napping Song
  7. Move Your Body
  8. Let's Do Some Exercise (reprise)

Special Bonus DVD Features:[]

  • "Albert's Batting Cage" Game
  • "Frances's Sports Day" featurette
  • Langueges: English, French or Spanish
  • Bonus Episode on Time Warner Cable Kids: "Arthur Makes a Team"