Frances's International Festival is an Episode for Season 7


Frances and her Pals Love to Have an International Festival in her House from Many Countries Like France, China, Italy, Africa, Germany, India and Mexico.


  • Frances
  • Gloria
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Albert
  • Grandma Badger
  • Grandpa Badger
  • Aunt Melta Badger
  • Uncle Roger Badger
  • Baxter the Dog
  • Special Guests

Song List:Edit

  1. Frances Theme Song
  2. Travel from Different Countries
  3. Alouette
  4. Hello, Bonjour
  5. Taking Turns
  6. Imagine That
  7. Row, Row Your Your Boat
  8. Kumbya
  9. The More We Work Together
  10. The Color Song
  11. If You're Happy and You Know It
  12. La Raspa
  13. De Colores
  14. Langueges Around the World
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