Frances's Friends and Family Forever is a Frances DVD on January 3, 2012.


Celebrate the days of love with friends and families. Just ask Frances for a person of friendship, families and cooperation. They all learn about families, friends, babies, brothers and sisters and family photos.


  • Frances's Family
  • Frances Plays Baby
  • Frances's Best Sister
  • Frances's Friends
  • Frances Takes a Picture

Song List:Edit

Frances's FamilyEdit

  1. Frances Theme Song
  2. We are Family
  3. You are Special
  4. No Family at All
  5. Brothers & Sisters
  6. Where is Thumkin?
  7. We are Family (reprise)

Frances Plays BabyEdit

  1. Hush Little Baby
  2. I'm Growing Up
  3. Are You Sleeping?
  4. What Can I Do
  5. The Helping Song
  6. We are Family

Frances's Best SisterEdit

  1. I Have a Brother
  2. Brothers & Sisters
  3. What Can I Do
  4. I'm Feeling Mad
  5. Albert's My Best Friend
  6. Friends are Special

Frances's FriendsEdit

  1. Friends are Special
  2. Frances's Sad Song
  3. The Smile Song
  4. That's What it Means to Be a Friend
  5. Looby Loo
  6. What Can I Do
  7. You're Special

Frances Takes a PictureEdit

  1. Taking Pictures
  2. What Can I Do
  3. A Picture is Perfect
  4. Smile & Say Cheese

Bonus DVD Features:Edit

  • "Best Friends for Frances" Read-Along
  • "Frances's Friends and Family Character Gallery"
  • Languages: English, French or Spanish
  • Bonus Episode of "Arthur's Family Feud"
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