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Peter Griffin: Hey there, folks. This is Peter Griffin saying that this program for Family Guy has been made possible in part by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This station and other Public Television Stations. (giggles) The Carnegie Corporation of New York. I like this part. yeah. the National Science Foundation. (gasp) Holy cow! I like this part! and...

Stewie Griffin: Oh! Nike shoes and equiptment! Proud sponsor of Family Guy. Together we can all win championships. It's me, Stewie Griffin. McDonald's! We're good for warmer fries and a big mac. Oh! I like McDonald's. How about you, Peter?

Peter Griffin: NO! In 'N' Out Burger! Proud sponsor programming as your newest elementary school. I like this part a lot. What about you, Stewie?

Stewie Griffin: NO! Wal-Mart! For a good place to shop for wood and supplies.

Peter Griffin: The annual financial support from Family Guy on Channel 5 to you from Viewers Like You.

Stewie Griffin: (gasps) Oh! and by a grant from Kellogg's we're about you to take time each day for reading. Oh, I like that part a lot. bye-bye.

Peter Griffin: Stewie? Stewie, come back here! I need you for the rest of the show! Huh? And Now enjoyed the show, folks! Uh... Stewie?