Care Bears was a girl's toyline from Hasbro.

The show, which aired on the Hub, Time Warner Cable Kids & Donut was made by Nelvana, & SD Entertainment.

The bears first debuted on 1982, from Kenner. In 2002, the plump look remained the same, but new artwork was added on the box & the line was from Play Along Toys.

In 2007, the look was a teenish design & then, in 2012, the look had a teenish look again, but the look had a plumper design, & sooner, Fisher-Price created the same old toys, but had new boxes, & a new artwork. The series were:

The Care Bears (DIC, 1985-1986)

The Care Bears Family (Nelvana, 1986-present)

Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-lot (SD Entertainment, 2007-present)

Care Bears (Ryan Bannon Studios, 2011-present)

Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot (2012-present)

Biscuit the Little Yellow Puppy from the creators of Care Bears (1999-present)

The Advertres Of Ayden [DIC. 1999 present]

The Ayden Show [Nelvana 2012-2011 present]

Ayababies [Lionsgate-Nickelodeon 2011 present]

Ayden's First Christmas [Raken Bass-Warner Bros 1956-1988 present]

Ayden's 1st Movie [SD Entertainment-Warner Bros. 2007-2011 present]

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