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Capugo is a season 2 episode of Mega Man in Robot Masters High. It aired May 20, 2000 in Japan and September 25, 2000 in the US.


The episode begins with Mega Man and Airman are watching a commercial for a virtual pet called a Capugo. While Mega Man thinks the toy is dumb, but Airman already bought one.

Shocked that Airman actually bought one, he tried to make Airman think one of those things are dumb and useless. Airman is aware of this, but still thinks they are cute. Then Snakeman runs in and says that Airman's Capugo is the only one he didn't get.

Mega Man thinks this whole thing is a joke, saying that none of those things are cool, Snakeman says that Mega Man just doesn't get it and walks with Airman talking about their Capugo leaving Mega Man out.

The next day at school, Mega Man was just about to tell Clashman about the stupid Capugo when he sits on one of Clashman's red Capugo and doesn't believe that Clashman bought one too, he replies with why not, they are adorable!

Clashman then tells Mega Man he looks Capugo-less and offers him one, but Mega Man refuses to take it and says he does not need one of those stupid things.

When he is talking to Woodman thinking he doesn't have one until Woodman shows him the Azora-Shora Capugo he bought. Mega Man gets annoyed by this. Later on, he goes to an unknown store and goes to buy a Capugo, but everywhere he goes they're all sold out until eventually finding a store that sells one.

He buys it immediately and shows his friends. They play with it and take care of it along with Mega Man. When Mega Man heads home, he thinks his Capugo died, but it was just on low health. He cares for it again, but Captain Otaka calls him for dinner. When he comes back from the dining room, his Capugo has died.

Then when Mega Man is alone sitting on the bench the next day at school, Clashman comes and tells him he can have one of his and tells him to play with them, but first he has to say he actually really wanted it to live longer, but he refuses to say that and says that a cap is a lot more fun than that. He then starts playing with it and everyone drops their Capugo and goes to him.

Concluding the episode, Captain Otaka gives him a Capugo for doing so well on his report card, but he says that juice caps are a lot more cool now and that lots of people have them.


  • Capugo is a parody of Tamagotchi, Digimon, and Pokémon.
  • The episode is similar to the Arthur episode "Arthur Joins the Bandwagon".