Caillou's Puppets (or known as Caillou 2) is a sequel to the 1996 & 2000 TV show of the same name. It runs 53 minutes & is a show on Time Warner Cable Kids.

Funding for the show is brought to you by Chuck E. Cheese's, where a kid can be a kid, Macy's, & a proud sponsor by McDonald's & Toys "R" Us.


  • Gilbert: Caillou's pet cat. The quarterback of the team, he dislikes the bulldog in the neighborhood. Voiced by Jack Black.
  • Rexy: A teal dinosaur, one of Caillou's toys. He is determened about his voice; he makes fun of IT. Voiced by Ian James Corlet.
  • Teddy: A old, dusty bear that first belonged to Boris, now Caillou; he is brown, lovable & perky. Voiced by Greg Burson.
  • DeeDee: A tan squirell; live in a tree in Caillou's backyard & is found by Rexy one time. Voiced by Gigi Aberham.


To fit in to the launch of this new program, Fisher-Price teamed up with Clockwork Zoo to make Lucy & the Nightmares, Caillou's Puppets, & Deadbeats products.

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