'Boohbah vs. Transformers' is an upcoming video on YouTube, one of the best creators for YouTube Poops. It will be made (& debut) on January 26, 2012. This will be the very first time that an YouTube Poop (like this one) will not have the words "YouTube Poop" on it.


The same intro for Boohbah is shown. The "Boohball" flies all around the world, expect Transformers movie music is heard in the background. Then we go inside the Boohball, & we see Optimus Prime, holding the rechargable pod that the Boohbahs are sleeping in right now. To his dismay, the pod accidently breaks & the Boohbahs soar out of it, as the Boohbah vs. Transformers logo appears. Jingbah holds the flag holding that word & the words "YouTube Poop: When there's smoke, they pinch back".

Zing Zing Zingbah is shown battiling against Bumblebee as the Boohbahs soar to their dancing place. As they dance for 15 seconds (unlike 63 seconds as they always do), some of the Transformers come, causing the Boohbahs to spin around, shooing them away & retracting their heads. They fly and form a circle into an secret passage (formed like an rainbow) to the Storyworld segment (that one has cursing like alot Poops).

We go into the puzzle (which, with the help of an WTF Boom, explodes to the main part). The Storypeople (who are able to talk, but only bad words) find a bomb bought by Jumbah. They try to charge it for money, but the bomb explodes & the Boohbahs escape from it as the word "pingas" is said in the background. Unlike the middle of the show, that was used to make a YouTube Poop.

The middle of the show is not shown (the Boohbahs' second dance) as it skips to them flying to their new pod (a blanket holded by an big bomb (it explodes to launch the Boohbahs to the Look What I Can Do! segment as the Transformers race to their old turntable pod & use it to chase them on their way to the segment). The Transformers chase the kids causing them to do a chasing dance. Instead of the actual www.pbskids.org/boohbah disclaimer, it shows the war in process. The Transformers push each Boohbah into its pod & begin the war. The pod spins to fight back, & it breaks again, causing the Boohbahs to have special energy to kill them. All Transformers turn into cars to fight back, causing the Boohbahs to fly at high speed as the Boohball shakes violently. The Boohbahs retract their heads, causing them to get hit by two of the Transformers. The Boohbahs fly out of their home, & fall down, causing them to make a fart sound. Bumblebee jumps on them & they win the war.

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