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bleemcast! is an emulator that allows the play of one of threePlaystation discs on the Sega Dreamcast. It is compatible with most Dreamcast controllers and steering wheels, and enhances the supported PSOne game with smoothed visuals and increased resolution.


bleem! for Dreamcast was announced in January of 2000, shortly before the Consumer Electronics Show. It was a completely new emulator that featured the same features as the Windows version ofbleem! but shared none of the same code. It was the public's first glimpse of independent code running on the Dreamcast through theMil-CD format.

At E3 2000, it was announced that several "bleempacks" would be released which would support 100 games each. Due to the fact that the Dreamcast controller lacks some of the buttons on the Playstation, there were plans to release a Bleem controller that was similarly designed to Sony'sDualShock controller, and a Playstation to Dreamcast controller converter called the bleempod. Due to technical difficulties and lack of funding due to lawsuits from Sony, none of these products were released.

Due to a lack of time and employees required to ensure that each of the 100 games on each bleempak was fully compatible, the bleempak idea was scrapped. Eventually, bleem! began releasing bleem! for the Dreamcast as individual releases for the price of $4.99US.