The Season 2 5-Disc Set was released in August 26, 2003 by Lionsgate Home Entertainment. It shows the complete second season like the previous disc set, expect Mr. Kenny Rules! (which is actually a season 2 episode) is recycled out of the 5th DVD & is put as the very first episode on the set. Like the first season, the 5 DVDs are split into twelve episodes. The set was released the same day as the Litter Bugz Season 4 premiere aired on CBS. This is the first term of Biscuit DVD to be released on a Tuesday (the last set was released on a Friday). The following are the episodes on the five DVDs. This is one of the three disc sets to be compatible with the ActiMates Biscuit. Each episode aired from January 4, 2000 to November 18, 2000. The episodes are: 

Disc 1:

  • Mr. Kenny Rules! (normal version; released in 2001 under Mr. Kenny Tales & 2002 on the Season 1 5-Disc Set)
  • Prickly's Revenge
  • The Worst Mouse in the Century
  • Evil Doll
  • Bellybutton
  • Cats......................and Snakes?!?
  • Ello G'ovner
  • Brain Exploders
  • Sea Serpent Attack!
  • Biscuit's Big Fall
  • School Night
  • A'nt Big Idea

Disc 2:

  • The Mouse Trap
  • Hello, Tucker
  • Tucker & the Bees
  • A Case of the Hiccups
  • The Police and the Board of Education
  • Why Not?
  • Trolls, Snowmen and Stupid Dumb Bunnies
  • The Mad Men
  • Hey You!
  • The Police and the Board of Education, Part 2
  • Guntha 
  • To the Forest of Doom