'Biscuit's Great Race' was a roller coaster located at Ryan Bannon Studios Park Paris. It was the second kids coaster since Thomas le Peilt Tank Train, which was a launched powered coaster. It is also the only Vekoma & indoor coaster in the park. It opened May 4, 2001.


Biscuit is going to make a movie called The Great Race for the very first time, (after the 1999 episode) when he builds a roller coaster. Clips from that episode can be heard & shown. But soon, the camera breaks after Fleao attacks the projector to shreds. After Biscuit begins to take the guests into a car factory, you enter a train of soapbox cars.


The race then starts by entering the factory that the guests go into to start the race. You then go up a drive tire lift.

After this portion, the train goes into a snowy mountain by going faster than before. The cars soon enter a city, suddenly going through a poster.

After the riders go down a bit then up again, you then zoom toward the helix with the camera turning down. It crashes into a barn & goes into the station.


After September 2000, the construction for "Biscuit's Great Race" & the Biscuit Cinema, began.

The ride was a roller coaster which would fly through the cinema building in which they race to a picnic as a "finish line". The ride would then soon run into many large things, such as a poster or a barn, & pierce through them.

"Great Race" was the first Biscuit coaster, & the second Biscuit-related ride. The ride will open again as part of Ryan Bannon Town. The top speed of it is 24 mph..

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