Biscuit's Great Adventure is a dark ride at Lands of Fun. It opened in 1999. The ride's extertor was a tournament tent before a school. You explore Biscuit's world by traveling in a dog bowl. This ride is produced by Ryan Bannon Imagineering and visual effects by Rhythm & Hues.


You enter the school, located in a huge doghouse, after the work. It would have interactive elements inside.

After that, you go into a storybook. There, are a amount of 17 dog bowls, looking square than round. This is where we go into the book & onto a big disaster in the classroom. For example, Biscuit is toppling down a tree to reach a beehive, Fleao is bouncing the whole room around, & everyone is having trouble with homework. We then go into Mr. Kenny's house & into a dark enchanted forest. Fleao & B-Toner guide us into Biscuit's doghouse, where Fleao tells Biscuit about Cats & Snakes.

We then go to see Biscuit sleepfloating onto the Cats & Snakes scene & B-Toner floating on a raft. We then go around the room, & into a downpour of rain. The Cats & Snakes include an shriner, a pilot, & an ringmaster.

Later, Biscuit throws Beastly off his professional bike by throwing a football at him. This scene was added December 1999 & was part of the October 1999 version of the ride.

The rain scene begins as B-Toner is trying to reach Biscuit's doghouse to get dry as Biscuit reappears to save Fleao from a waterfall. Mr. Kenny & Fluffy are hired after an 6-week asbence, & the classmates throw a party.

Origin. New Queue & Dance Floor Closing:

The ride opened in October 5, 1999, but needed to replace an existing attraction. However, the Dance Floor was the only one in Fantasyworld to give up. No one wanted the Dance Floor to leave, but on November 5, 1998, half of the Care Bears Movie Ride show building was smashed down to make more room for Biscuit. This caused confusion to Dance Floor Fans, & they put up flyers, balloons & shirts to promote the new ride. That group began in 1997 of October, & heard all about the Dance Floor closing down.

In July 1999, work inside the other side of the building began. This spended $366.42 dollars to do the work. 3 months later, the ride opened due to the still brand-new Biscuit show at that time's popularity over the last 3 weeks.

In June 5, 2010, an brand new queue debuted. It is now indoors due to lack of queues outdoors.

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