'Best Piston Cup Race in the World!' is the first episode of The Adventures of Lightning McQueen. It aired on March 6, 2008 after Playhouse Disney changed its graphics.


It is a 1995 summer morning at the Motor Speedway of the South. We come across Mack's trailer, who pops out McQueen, a red, #95 race car who is a rookie in racing. McQueen has an idea: to beat Chick Hicks & Strip Weathers (The King) during a race.

His pit crew (Mater, Lizzie, Sheriff, Doc Hudson, Sally, Flo, Guido, Luigi & Fillmore) cheer him on as he leaves the pits & into the track, where King & Chick are racing side-by-side. "Ka-chow!" yells McQueen. He finds out that Nitroade, Leak Less, DJ, Boost, & Snot Rod are determined to beat him & win the race. "Dad gum, McQueen. I knew that you drove around that corner!" cries Mater. During the next race, McQueen finds himself in trouble; he couldn't stop! He tries to stop but his brakes has blown a tire & causes him to spin around, causing Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Leak Less to bump into each other, chasing him to win. McQueen bumps on his brakes, but he runs into tires, Barry Diesel (who is drinking oil near the finish line) & passes Mack, who is a trailer truck! Finally, he reaches the finish line & knocks over the pit crew he is in.

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