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Bear in the Big Blue House provided toys for Fisher-Price/Mattel in 1999. The toys were discontinued in 2002.

Plush Toys:

  • Sniffin' Around Talking Bear (1999-2002): Says "Sniff sniff. I smell a friend!" and wiggles his nose
  • Love to Dance Bear (2000-2002): Dances to the Bear Cha Cha Cha & rumbles (dances) to the beat
  • Alphabet Bear (2001-2002): Holds a apple in his hand; understands every letter of the alphabet
  • Storytelling Bear (2001-2002): Reads a story to the Tutter figure on his left shoulder
  • Plush Toys from Arco (1999-2002): Bear, Treelo, Tutter, Ojo

Plastic toys:

  • Bear, Pip and Pop Piano (2001-2002): Yellow piano with light up notes; Pip and Pop encourage the owner to play it with them