AdventureRyan is an arcade almost the same as iPlay America found in Florida. It was opened May 26, 2003.

Floor 1 (Replay):

This was completed May 6, 2003. It was an 173-inch long floor with the following rides:

  • 4-D Theater: The most famous ride. It is an theater themed to Biscuit (the movie was shown every day) & that area opened May 6, 2003.
  • iRYAN Speedway: An 105-inch long race course that stretches from an trackless pitcrew to the main portion of the ride, unlike many other racing rides.
  • Movie Studio: A studio with an never-before-used camera that takes pictures of the star.

Floor 2 (Retroland):

  • LeapFrog Store: A store only selling LeapFrog toys (all of them).
  • Shooting Gallery: An beach-themed gallery that includes a replica of an 1951 International Harvester tow truck.
  • Time Traveler: An excalator which takes you to the first one to the second.
  • Whac-a-Beaver: An parody of Whac-a-Mole using plastic beavers to whack them into tree trunks.
  • Time Traveling Slide: An 153 feet long slide that stretches from the third (or second) to the first. It was closed in 2008 due to lack of interest. In 2010, it reopened under the name of "Time Caspule Slide".
  • Roller Coaster: A roller coaster with soap box derby cars with race car ledges on the back of them.

Floor 3 (Discovery):


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