A Day Full of Songs is a show that Mega Man watches in the 1999 anime series Mega Man in Robot Masters High. It airs at 2:30 pm on OBS Kids, according to the second season episode "A Day Full of Songs". In the first season, only Mega Man watched it. But in the second season and onwards, characters like Protoman, Splash Woman, Captain Otaka, Bass, Airman, Clashman, Snakeman, and Metalman watch it.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Here are some of the characters in the show A Day Full of Songs.

  • Koko Oshido (voiced by Ai Orikasa in the original; voiced by Cheryl Chase in the English dub): The leader of the Fun & Songs group, she takes the children to locations like a playground, farm, or carnival to have fun and sing songs.
  • Hihiroshi Kashida (voiced by Junichi Sanagawa in the original; voiced by Brian Drummond in the English dub): Hihiroshi is five years old and is in the Fun & Songs group.
  • Mami Aoki (voiced by Urara Takano in the original; voiced by Thea White in the English dub): An eight-year-old girl in the Fun & Songs group.
  • Yumi Terushimo (voiced by Hekiru Shiina in the original; voiced by Christine Canavaugh in the English dub)
  • Sari Onuki (JP: Satomi Korogi; EN: Tress MacNeille)
  • Yuki Yamase (JP: Yuri Shiratori; EN: E.G. Daily)
  • Touya Daisuke (JP: Rie Iwatsubo; EN: Scott Menville)
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